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Vulval Cancers Treatment in Kolkata

Vulva is the skin that surrounds the outside of the vagina, between the legs of a woman.

Vulval cancer is rare. Vulval cancer is a disease that affects mostly elderly women and is uncommon below the age of 50 years.

Vulval cancers are sometimes diagnosed on examination during another procedure. Symptoms of vulval cancer include vulval itching, irritation or pain. Women may also notice a lump, bleeding or discharge. Any change in the vulval skin in a woman who is menopausal, requires a biopsy. Sometimes there may be an obvious swelling, a bleeding or a foul smelling ulcer or area of colour change (whitening or pigment deposition), or warts. Any woman who is not menopausal and has warts or other vulval signs should have a biopsy.

The treatment of vulval cancer is primarily by surgery. Staging is surgical–pathological and not clinical.

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